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2021-2022 resident advisors

Shalin Berman

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Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Major: Art and Design

Heyo. My name is Shalin Berman and I am a third year student studying Art and Design at Stamps with a concentration in Graphic Design. This is also my third year in Living ArtsEngine! In my work, I like to combine my skills with my passions for political science and social justice. When I’m not studying, you can find me hanging out with friends at Stamps, or working out at the NCRB. Welcome to the Living ArtsEngine family, I can’t wait to meet you!

2021-2022 peer mentors

Emily Yi

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Hometown: Denver CO

Major: Architecture

Bio: Hi! I’m Emily Yi, a sophomore studying architecture in Taubman College. I’m from the Denver, CO area but was actually born near Ann Arbor. My hope is to minor in Art and Design, and I’m also interested in casual philosophy, reading, board games, weird deep sea creatures, Studio Ghibli, and being bad at archery. I was–emphasis on was–in the dual degree program with engineering, so please ask about that if you’re curious! I’ll be living on Central this year, but you can reach me via email or Discord for a chat about anything your heart desires; feel free to send me memes, questions about classes, Netflix/music/anime/podcast/recipe recommendations, or trade photos of your pets in exchange for photos of my roommate’s plants (available beginning late August).

Isabella Wood

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Hometown: Washington, DC 

Major: Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Bio: A native Washingtonian, Isabella spends her Michigan winters indoors. She enjoys video games, drawing, collages, and claims to read occasionally. Her true enjoyment however, comes from rewatching the same shows and movies over and over again.

Lucy Kaffenburger

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Hometown: Elmira, NY

Major: Undecided

Bio: My name is Lucy, and I’m another one of the peer mentors (yay)! I’m an ex-engineering student who is pumped to be joining LSA starting this fall (I’ll check back in with that major after another semester or two). I love movies, reading, board/card/video games, musical theater, tennis, and many more random things, so feel free to reach out to chat about anything! I’ll be one of the mentors in Bursley this year, so feel free to come by and knock on my door anytime!

Kaitlyn Onela

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Hometown: Holland, Michigan.

Major: I am planning to do a BFA in the Stamps School of Art & Design.

Bio: Hello, my name is Kaitlyn, and I’m going to be one of the peer mentors for the LAE community in the ’21-’22 school year. I am from Holland, MI, and I’m in the Stamps School of Art & Design. Currently, I’m hoping to dabble further in illustration and animation. I absolutely love drawing, worldbuilding, watching nature documentaries, taking walks, and going on hikes! I also really like animals and more specifically, cats. I occasionally learn to play the kalimba in my free time also. 

Zach Bauer

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Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Computer Engineering

Bio: Hey everyone, Im Zach Bauer. I’m a sophomore in the college of Electrical Engineering and Computer science as well as being a peer mentor. However, working with  computers aren’t the only thing that I enjoy doing! I also enjoy spending time outdoors, especially going on long hikes in the woods or the mountains. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Molly Gaffey

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Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Art & Design

Bio: Molly is very excited to be back in Bursley this year as a peer mentor! She is a rising sophomore in the Stamps School of Art & Design, with a current focus in graphic design and a newfound interest in animation. When not making art, Molly is a crime show connoisseur, a lover of her three Bernese mountain dogs, and a self-proclaimed goofball. If you can’t find her in the Stamps studios, she is probably frolicking around North Campus with her fellow peer mentor and friend, Isabella Wood.

Matt Priskorn

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Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Major: Computer Science

Bio: Hello! I’m Matt Priskorn, a sophomore majoring in CS through the College of Engineering.  I’ve made a video game about a Roomba and am currently developing a system for integrating point clouds into Taubman’s architecture curriculum through the FEAST program.   Naturally, I enjoy working with computers; however, I am also really interested in music, woodworking, and playing card/video/board/RP games.  Rewatching excellent Science-Fiction shows is one of my favorite pastimes – I’m currently working on finishing up “The X-Files” for the fourth time!

Jack Morin

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Hometown: Canton, MI

Majors: Vocal Performance and Choral Education

Bio: Hello! I’m Jack Morin. Some of my favorite passions are music, games, and most things outdoors. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone new to the community this year!

Ayman Sayed

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Hometown: Ann Arbor

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Creative Writing

Bio: Hi, I’m Ayman, and I’m a junior in the school of engineering studying computer science with a minor in creative writing. I’ve lived most of my life in Ann Arbor, so I will hopefully be able to answer any questions you may have about the city. Outside of classes, I’m interested in a bunch of stuff like musical theatre, building plastic models, D&D, video games, tennis, and so many other random things. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Sam Russel

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Hometown: Fort Collins, CO.

Major: Mechanical Engineering.

Bio: Hey all! My name’s Sam and I’m an ME major from Fort Collins, CO. I am also doing a music minor in SMTD and am a member of the MEZ robotics student organization.  Outside of school I’m a huge fan of jazz (and music in general), road cycling, hiking, and having fun. I also like new experiences and ideas so make sure to come talk to me – I’ll be living in Bursley this coming year so I look forward to meeting you all!

Zan Huang

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Major: Music Composition 

Bio: Hey all! My name is Zan and I am a music composition student at the SMTD, though I have added a secondary LSA degree recently in CogSci. I enjoy and dabble in everything from music, mathematics, postmodern philosophy, computer science, linguistics, to obscure politics of other countries (pretty much anything). Though I’m not living at Bursley, you will probably see me around there and the Creative Suite a ton, or maybe on nature walks late at night if that’s your type of thing. In my free time, you will almost always see me hanging with friends, taking a walk, or just reading.

Madison Forstner

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Hometown: Emmett Township

Major: Materials Science and Engineering

Bio: I’m Madison Forstner, and my hometown is Emmett township. I am still not declared but I will be declaring Materials science and engineering. I enjoy playing games with everyone, going on hikes with my friends, and just hanging out in general. If anyone is trying to play some D&D or Magic ill be down to play too!

Kitty Holder

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Hometown: Philadelphia

Bio: Hi! I’m Kitty Holder, sophomore in Art and Design, beginning a dual degree with Linguistics. I like wordplay, playing the accordion in the woods, juggling, woodworking, parkour, storytelling, making large geodesic structures, and things that glitter. All of these are better with friends– ask me about them!

Katie Ballard

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Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Major: Nuclear Engineering

Bio: I am a sophomore pursuing a major in Nuclear Engineering, potentially with a minor in Computer Science. I have been doing research with the Nuclear department for the past few years, and am a mentor for the Michigan Engineering Zone, a treasurer for SEDS (students for the education and development of space), and am a part of CLAWS (the collaborative lab for advancing work in space). I hope to eventually work on building and analyzing radiation shielding or detection for satellites. For fun I enjoy drawing, knitting, going on hikes, and playing board games. 

Maija Lahna

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Hometown: Eaton Rapids, MI

Major: Biochemistry

Bio: Howdy! I’m a science enthusiast from rural Michigan looking to maybe go into the medical field one day. I have two dogs, I play the flute in a band called Treetones, and I spend way too much time thinking about anime. One time I lasted two and a half hours in a game of hide and seek by sitting under a bush (pictured above).