Living ArtsEngine 2023-2024 Student Leaders

Residential Advisors

Molly Gaffey headshot
Molly Gaffey

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Art & Design

Molly is returning to the LivingArts Engine community for her senior year and could not be more excited! An LAE alum and former peer mentor, she now serves as a second-year RA while pursuing her passions in graphic design, illustration, and 2D animation at the Stamps School of Art & Design. Outside of the community and classes, Molly unwinds with crime shows, lively conversations, and the quest for the perfect dad joke to add to her growing collection.

Parker Mathena headshot
Parker Mathena

Hey! My name is Parker Mathena and I am a senior student studying computer science at the College of Engineering. The areas of computer science I’m most interested in are software development, machine learning, game development, and app development. Outside of school, I really like solving Rubik’s cubes, playing soccer, cooking, playing video games, and traveling. Along with being an RA, I am an Instructional Assistant (IA) for EECS 280. I really enjoy working with 280, feel free to ask me anything about 280 or CS!

Forrest Colson headshot
Forrest Colson

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Electrical Engineering

Bio: Hey everyone! I’m a Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering, though I’ve recently been eyeing Medical School. I’m still working stuff out too! Here’s what you should know about me: I hit the Wordle every day (getting pretty good ngl), and I love movies, working out, hiking, and biking. One day I hope to become a master juggler. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions or if you just want to hang.

Peer Mentors

Brendan Nestle headshot
Brendan Nestle

Brendan Nestle is a second-year Engineering student and returning to the Living ArtsEngine community as a peer mentor. Majoring in Robotics, he enjoys coding and creative problem solving. Outside of his major, some of his interests are animation, ASL, playing games, and reading.

Charleson Shuart headshot
Charleson Shuart

Charleson Shuart is a returning member of the Living ArtsEngine community, coming back for a second year as a peer mentor and is excited to meet and help the new members of our MLC! He is majoring in Computer Engineering, and is a second year at U-M. During this year he is continuing his engineering path and furthering his creativity and technique in fields such as photography, writing, digital art, video editing, and voice acting, as well as his classes in the College of Engineering. You’ll often find him around campus and in the Creative Suite, and he is willing to answer any questions and show you some of the secrets of Ann Arbor!

Gage Matt headshot
Gage Matt

Hey! I’m Gage Matt, I’m a peer mentor and I use He/Him pronouns. I’m a second year engineering student soon to declare robotics. I’ve started learning to play the accordion and I and a huge fan of role playing games such as D&D and am learning to DM Call of Cthulhu. I also play lots of different games such as Tf2, Terraria and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Kim Gurwin headshot
Kim Gurwin

Hi everyone! I’m Kim Gurwin, a second year student in the college of engineering. I’m studying robotics with an emphasis on hardware and mechanics. I returned this year as one of LAE’s peer mentors. Outside of school I enjoy crafting and 3D modeling, playing clarinet, and creative writing.

Rachel DeVeyra headshot
Rachel DeVeyra

As a peer mentor in LAE this year, I look forward to meeting new people and forming long-lasting friendships. I’m a second-year Stamps student studying Art and Design and trying to minor in the costume track in Theatre Design and Production. I joined LAE because I love watching the different disciplines come together and create something cohesive! Aside from LAE, I love talking with others while making art, hiking, and looking at others’ (art)work.

TJ Mellema headshot
TJ Mellema

This is TJ Mellema’s second year in the Living ArtsEngine community, this year returning as a peer mentor. He is studying aerospace engineering with hopes of eventually becoming an astronaut. Outside of school, TJ likes to play music, draw, paint, play video games, and run. He is also super passionate about learning new things.

Programming Board

Lili Omilian headshot
Lili Omilian

I am a senior who has been a part of Living ArtsEngine since 2020 and am super excited for this year! I have so many ideas to bring to this community and hope I will be able to share them all with you. I am majoring in Art and Design at STAMPS and have a concentration in film, animation and photography. In my free time, I like playing video games, cats and listening to music.

Emma Oestmann headshot
Emma Oestmann

Emma Oestmann is a second-year student at the University, and this is her second year as a part of the Living ArtsEngine community! Having graduated from LAE last year, she now joins the community as a member of the student programming board. In addition to planning events for this year’s community, she studies architecture at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and environmental sciences and Spanish through LSA. Her interests include dancing, singing, books, music, and the arts!

Aidan Edwards headshot
Aidan Edwards

Aidan Edwards is a member of this year’s Student Programming Board, and is a sophomore in LSA, and is currently planning to major in either ecology or cognitive science. He cares a lot about paleontology, and is planning to minor in it. In his spare time he enjoys 3D printing, CAD, playing Magic the Gathering, and reading DC comics.

Clara Ballard headshot
Clara Ballard

Hi y’all, I’m Clara Ballard and I am very excited for my first year of Programming Board. I am a sophomore in Robotics through the College of Engineering. In my free time I like to go on hikes, play lyre, 3D print stuff, play D&D, and visit my cats.

Aubrey Lockwood headshot
Aubrey Lockwood

I’m Aubrey Lockwood (She/They). I’m a sophomore in LSA and entering the School of Information. I’m from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. When I have time outside class, I do a bit of writing about media and common themes I see, and I’m passionate about environmentalism and community.