“Joining Living Arts was one of the best decisions I’ve made here at Michigan. It has been beneficial beyond measure to form close friendships and make connections outside of the School of Music. As a musician, I find it necessary to learn from as many different perspectives as possible. By expanding the way I think about the creative process, I have improved upon my abilities to perform and generate meaning behind my music”.
-Hannah Langenbach -SMTD, Viola Performance
“Living Arts Engine has been an invaluable community for me during my Freshman year! The amount of creative energy here is incredible, and the people couldn’t be more of a supportive community”.
-Lauren Strawn -Stamps School of Arts & Design
“Living Arts Engine is a community that’s made U of M feel like home. It’s a community where I’ve made lifelong friends with people from different disciplines and that values interdisciplinary work. One of the best and most unique experiences I’ve had!”

-Erin Schimmel -College of Engineering

Living Arts has provided me with a strong community from day one, and exposed me to people with diverse creative interests and talents. Through Living Arts, I’ve had the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with the friends who I live and learn with. It has absolutely been my favorite part of coming to Michigan!”

-Mitchell Lawrence Taubman College -Architecture