March 2023 Newsletter Cover

March 2023 Newsletter

Program Highlights

  • Wrapping Up
  • 2023 Symposium
  • Recruiting for 2023-2024

Student Features

  • First-Year: Mira Hughes
  • Peer Mentor: Noah Ghosh
  • Alum: Karl Ronneburg
February 2023 Newsletter Cover

February 2023 Newsletter

Program Highlights

  • Winter Makeathon
  • UARTS 175
  • Winter Workshops

Student Features

  • First-Year: Mia Frank
  • Peer Mentor: Tate Collier
December 2022 Newsletter Cover

December 2022 Newsletter

Program Highlights

  • Community Meeting #3: The Great Maker Race
  • Community Meeting #4: Board Game Design Challenge
  • Surprise guests!
  • Final fall workshops and LAE forums
November 2022 Newsletter Cover

November 2022 Newsletter

Program Highlights

  • Fall Makeathon: Social Justice
  • Community Meeting #2: Costume Design Challenge
  • Workshops: Storyboarding, handsewing, and micro controllers!
    October 2022 Newsletter Cover

    October 2022 Newsletter

    Meet our Student Leaders

    • LAE RAs
    • LAE Student Programming Board

    Program Highlights

    • Photonix Glow-stick Workshop
    • Shift AR Poster-making Workshop
    • Community Meeting #1: Dance Class
    April 2021 Newsletter cover

    April 2021 Newsletter

    “We’ve finally reached the end of an incredibly difficult and strange year, and we couldn’t be more proud of our community members for it.”

    February 2021 Newsletter cover

    February 2021 Newsletter

    “As we have continued to adjust to a virtual, distanced community, we’ve found many great opportunities to hold online workshops and social events to help keep students connected and engaged.”

    December 2020 Newsletter cover

    December 2020 Newsletter

    “As we wrap up this challenging and unconventional semester, we’d like to take a moment to say how proud we are of our program members for all the hard work they’ve put in. “

    october 2020 newsletter cover

    October 2020 Newsletter

    “Living ArtsEngine is excited to welcome its new class of students for the 2020-2021 academic year. We are looking forward to a productive semester, getting to know each other exploring creative work across disciplines. “

    Living artsengine 10 year statement

    March 2020 Newsletter

    “Living ArtsEngine through the Years”