Creative Suite

The Creative Suite is a 2,000 square foot creative space located in the basement of Bursley Hall. The suite is equipped with plenty of tables, chairs, and white boards, an A/V system, piano, keyboard, lego table, and more! The suite is operated by Living ArtsEngine and is where all of our community meetings and UARTS 175 classes take place. We also host many of our workshops and social events in this space. The Creative Suite is open 24/7 is also a lounge space for Bursley Hall and is available to any Bursley student to book for events. When we’re not running a program in the Creative Suite we often find LAE students there studying, playing the piano, immersed in a D&D campaign, watching a movie, or having Tea Time.


The Living ArtsEngine Shop is connected to the Creative Suite and is only available to current LAE Community Members and shop staff. Our shop holds a variety of tools, materials, supplies, and equipment for LAE students to use during our programming. Open 24/7, LAE students are able to get creative when the mood strikes and can visit the shop during staffed hours for help with more complex projects and power tool use. In the shop students have access to woodworking, electrical, and sewing stations.

Living ArtsEngine Practice Room

Located off of the LAE shop is a practice room dedicated to Living ArtsEngine students. Our practice room has a piano and full drum set and is a great place to spend some independent time making music.

Testimony from Students

“I think my favorite experience has just been working on homework down in the creative suite, taking in the energy while others chat and work on their own projects, really bringing us all together as a community.”

Eli Gasser,

Stamps School of Arts & Design

“The creative suite is an immensely wonderful area not just for community meetings and LAE events, but doing work, having fun together, practicing music, and partaking in mini projects I normally wouldn’t have been able to do.”

Lukas Nepomuceno,

SMTC Music & Technology