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“Living Arts Engine has been an invaluable community for me during my Freshman year! The amount of creative energy here is incredible, and the people couldn’t be more of a supportive community.”

Living ArtsEngine’s Student Program Coordinator, Ruth Marsh is retiring this year! Ruth has played an integral role in the development of our program and has served the university for over 25 years. 

To honor Ruth’s service and dedication to student success, we will be providing financial assistance to Living ArtsEngine Student Leaders in her name. Thank you so much for your consideration in celebrating such a valuable contributor to the Living ArtsEngine program.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since the Living Arts(Engine) program was created. Founded in 2010, the program has been an integral part of a larger initiative designed to unite the 4 north campus schools and colleges in interdisciplinary creative work through the ArtsEngine program. During this time it has provided a living learning environment for students to more closely explore creative work across disciplines while also providing them with an open, friendly community in which to learn about themselves, make friends and gain a sense of belonging from their very first day on campus.

Our program has evolved significantly since its inception and continues to play a pivotal role in providing first-year students with a foundation for creative exploration – both through our Introduction to Creative Process course and the Collaborative Creative Projects. We are proud to be one of a series of opportunities at UM that prepare our students for an increasingly complex world – one that urgently demands creativity, collaboration, and strong critical thinking skills for success.


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Our final newsletter of the year is out now!
Read about our end-of-the-year programming, student's reflections on their experience in the community, and our celebration of our Program Coordinator Ruth Marsh as she retires this year.

Congratulations to our students on completing the amazing Collaborative Creative Projects that were presented at the Symposium this weekend, and thank you for participating in this year's program; we're so proud of you! #livingartsengine

Come join us for the #livingartsengine Symposium, where students will be presenting the creative projects they've collaborated on throughout the school year!

Happy #GivingBlueday! If you'd like to help support our program through donations, here's your chance - every bit makes a difference! Thank you so much!

Living ArtsEngine:

Meet Jack Morin, a freshman in the #LivingArtsEngine Program! Jack is currently studying vocal performance at @umichsmtd, and performs as a sectional leader in the Chancel Choir at the First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor.

Amber Galvano

Major: BA in Spanish and Cognitive Science and a BMA in Vocal Performance ’20

Current job/Company: Speech Production Lab

Living Arts is a great place to be if you like trying new things and you want to be exposed to different disciplines.  Also, if you join, you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to people and be present in community spaces; I realized after a while that it was  something I had to do to really become more of a part of the community, and I think that’s how people make a lot of friendships.